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My Author Journey

According to scripture, God has given us all a measure of "faith" (Romans 12:3 NIV). However, for some an additional portion of "Faith" has been given as a spiritual gift by the Holy Spirit.

During my walk with God, it has often been said by those around me that I have enough "Faith" for them collectively. Even when faced with extraordinary challenges, if God made me a promise, I believed it and nothing could move me. It was during those times I became aware that I had been anointed with the gift of "Faith".

Thus, the term "Extraordinary Faith" became my kryptonite and I have chosen to use it as my pen name because without it, I am nothing and there is no way that I would have survived the writing of this book without believing the expectation that in the end, I would be healed of my broken heart and that our story would change lives.

"The Journey To Our Final Winter Together" is the first of many books that I have been assigned to write. There are two more planned releases for 2021 accompanied by products from my Christian Clothing and Product line.

To God be the Glory for trusting me with the lives of His children!

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